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Portable Circular Saws

Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES561754
Festool Circular saw HK 132/NS-HK Order number: FES561754 Model: HK 132/NS-HK ....
R 73,502.69
Ex Tax:R 63,915.38
Brand: WORX Cat No: WRX WX425
CIRCULAR SAW 1200W The WORX WX425 Circular Saw is engineered to allow you to finish your projects faster and easier. The WX425 is loaded with special features and extra power to handle any cut you can think of: straight cuts, sharp curves, and demolition cuts. The patented BEVELTRAC technology trac..
R 2,585.49
Ex Tax:R 2,248.25
Brand: TORK CRAFT Cat No: TCCS0185
Portable pendulum cover 1500W circular saw The 1500W motor provides ample power for efficient cutting for a variety of applications, including woodworking and other DIY projects. Designed to fit a Ø 185mm blade for a decent cutting depth of 60mm at 90°. Pr..
R 2,271.25
Ex Tax:R 1,975.00
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