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Dust Extraction / Energy Box

Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES498410
Festool SELFCLEAN filter bag SC FIS-CT MINI/5 Order number: FES498410 Model: SC FIS-CT MINI/5 ....
R 754.86
Ex Tax:R 656.40
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES498506
Festool Longlife filter bag Longlife-FIS-CT 48 Order number: FES498506 Model: Longlife-FIS-CT 48 ....
R 6,905.63
Ex Tax:R 6,004.90
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES498995
Festool Main filter HF CTH 26/48 Order number: FES498995 Model: HF CTH 26/48 ....
R 2,505.63
Ex Tax:R 2,178.81
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES499704
Festool Longlife filter bag Longlife-FIS-CTL MIDI Order number: FES499704 Model: Longlife-FIS-CTL MIDI ....
R 4,514.32
Ex Tax:R 3,925.50
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES500592
Festool Upholstery nozzle D 36 PD Order number: FES500592 Model: D 36 PD ....
R 350.40
Ex Tax:R 304.70
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES500668
Festool Connecting sleeve D 27/22 DM-AS/CT Order number: FES500668 Model: D 27/22 DM-AS/CT ....
R 760.03
Ex Tax:R 660.90
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES575286
Festool Mobile dust extractor CTM 48 E LE EC B22 R1 CLEANTEC Order number: FES575286 Model: CTM 48 E LE EC B22 R1  1 mg/m³ (CTL) or > 0.1 mg/m³ (CTM)Extraction of dry, flammable dust in zone 22Integral automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off for extraction from electric an..
R 91,986.52
Ex Tax:R 79,988.28
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES583821
Festool Energy box EAA EW/DW CT/SRM/M Order number: FES583821 Model: EAA EW/DW CT/SRM/M ....
R 55,768.75
Ex Tax:R 48,494.57
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES614661
R 1,307.60
Ex Tax:R 1,137.04
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES625368
R 4,096.30
Ex Tax:R 3,562.00
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES203429
Festool Professional cleaning set D 27/36 P-RS Order number: FES203429 Model: D 27/36 P-RS ....
R 2,791.58
Ex Tax:R 2,427.46
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES440404
Festool Suction brush D 36 SP Order number: FES440404 Model: D 36 SP ....
R 448.61
Ex Tax:R 390.10
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES440419
Festool Suction brush D 50 SP Order number: FES440419 Model: D 50 SP ....
R 1,190.02
Ex Tax:R 1,034.80
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES452888
Festool Suction hose D 50x2,5m-AS Order number: FES452888 Model: D 50x2,5m-AS ....
R 6,036.23
Ex Tax:R 5,248.90
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES452898
Festool Y-piece D 50 SV-AS/D 50 V Order number: FES452898 Model: D 50 SV-AS/D 50 V ....
R 1,884.96
Ex Tax:R 1,639.10
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES452902
Festool Extension pipe D 36 VR-M 3x Order number: FES452902 Model: D 36 VR-M 3x ....
R 2,317.59
Ex Tax:R 2,015.30
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES452908
Festool Floor nozzle D 36 BD 370 Order number: FES452908 Model: D 36 BD 370 ....
R 5,634.54
Ex Tax:R 4,899.60
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES452970
Festool Filter bag FIS-CT 22/5 Order number: FES452970 Model: FIS-CT 22/5 ....
R 1,676.24
Ex Tax:R 1,457.60
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES452971
Festool Filter bag FIS-CT 33/5 Order number: FES452971 Model: FIS-CT 33/5 ....
R 1,822.17
Ex Tax:R 1,584.50
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES452972
Festool Filter bag FIS-CT 44/5 Order number: FES452972 Model: FIS-CT 44/5 ....
R 1,978.34
Ex Tax:R 1,720.30
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES456738
Festool Longlife filter bag Longlife-FIS-CT 33 Order number: FES456738 Model: Longlife-FIS-CT 33 ....
R 6,571.79
Ex Tax:R 5,714.60
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES456805
Festool Wet filter NF-CT MINI/MIDI Order number: FES456805 Model: NF-CT MINI/MIDI ....
R 517.50
Ex Tax:R 450.00
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES492392
Festool Cleaning set D 27 / D 36 D-RS Order number: FES492392 Model: D 27 / D 36 D-RS ....
R 580.98
Ex Tax:R 505.20
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES495802
Festool Handle SB-CT 26/36 Order number: FES495802 Model: SB-CT 26/36 ....
R 3,035.77
Ex Tax:R 2,639.80
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