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Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES487779
Festool Turbo filter bag TF II-RS/ES/ET/5 Order number: FES487779 Model: TF II-RS/ES/ET/5 ....
R 345.46
Ex Tax:R 300.40
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES489128
Festool Turbo filter bag TF-RS 400/5 Order number: FES489128 Model: TF-RS 400/5 ....
R 385.13
Ex Tax:R 334.90
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES490818
Festool Extraction adapter AA-BS 75/105 Order number: FES490818 Model: AA-BS 75/105 ....
R 660.90
Ex Tax:R 574.70
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES495167
Festool Brush strip BE-LHS 225 Order number: FES495167 Model: BE-LHS 225 ....
R 1,811.94
Ex Tax:R 1,575.60
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES577041
Festool Guide extension FS-WA-VL Order number: FES577041 Model: FS-WA-VL ....
R 1,805.04
Ex Tax:R 1,569.60
Brand: TORK CRAFT Cat No: MY3015R03B
R 2,607.74
Ex Tax:R 2,267.60
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES202501
Festool Mains adapter ACA 220-240/18V Ergo Order number: FES202501 Model: ACA 220-240/18V Ergo ....
R 4,913.60
Ex Tax:R 4,272.70
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES483674
Festool Turbo filter bag TF-RS 1/5 Order number: FES483674 Model: TF-RS 1/5 ....
R 396.75
Ex Tax:R 345.00
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES487865
Festool Auxiliary handle ZG-RAS/RO Order number: FES487865 Model: ZG-RAS/RO ....
R 339.36
Ex Tax:R 295.10
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES487871
Festool Turbo filter bag TF II-RS/ES/ET/25 Order number: FES487871 Model: TF II-RS/ES/ET/25 ....
R 1,397.48
Ex Tax:R 1,215.20
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES489631
Festool Turbo filter bag set TFS-ES 150 Order number: FES489631 Model: TFS-ES 150 ....
R 1,046.61
Ex Tax:R 910.10
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES496911
Festool Carrying harness TG-LHS 225 Order number: FES496911 Model: TG-LHS 225 ....
R 8,610.32
Ex Tax:R 7,487.24
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES497936
Festool Protector set FP-RO 90 Order number: FES497936 Model: FP-RO 90 ....
R 1,231.58
Ex Tax:R 1,070.94
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES489129
Festool Turbo filter bag set TFS-RS 400 Order number: FES489129 Model: TFS-RS 400 ....
R 966.69
Ex Tax:R 840.60
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES490828
Main applicationsOptimal processing of large surfacesNo tilting and protects the surfaceSits gently on the surfaceItems Includedmounting element, in a cartonAdapted forfor BS 105Technical Detailsqty. in pack 1 piece(s)Commercial InformationNet weight 1,863 kg Gross weight 1,863 kg Country of orig..
R 7,463.97
Ex Tax:R 6,490.41
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES491199
Festool Scraper SSH-LS130-B100 Order number: FES491199 Model: SSH-LS130-B100 ....
R 836.45
Ex Tax:R 727.35
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES493912
Festool Protector FESTOOL 125FX Order number: FES493912 Model: FESTOOL 125FX ....
R 454.13
Ex Tax:R 394.90
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES493913
Festool Protector FESTOOL 150FX Order number: FES493913 Model: FESTOOL 150FX ....
R 563.27
Ex Tax:R 489.80
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES495166
Festool Brush segment BS-LHS 225 Order number: FES495166 Model: BS-LHS 225 ....
R 1,092.38
Ex Tax:R 949.90
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES495169
Festool Guide extension VL-LHS 225 Order number: FES495169 Model: VL-LHS 225 ....
R 8,061.84
Ex Tax:R 7,010.30
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES495964
Items Includedin a cartonAdapted forfor CT 36 PLANEXCommercial InformationNet weight 1,827 kg Gross weight 1,827 kg Country of origin DE PU 1 SU 1IndustryAutomotive, Wood, PainterQuantity In Pack1....
R 3,454.21
Ex Tax:R 3,003.66
Brand: FESTOOL Cat No: FES496916
Festool Auxiliary handle ZG-LHS 225 Order number: FES496916 Model: ZG-LHS 225 ....
R 2,007.67
Ex Tax:R 1,745.80
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