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Pipe Clamps

Pipe Clamps
Brand: PONY Cat No: AC55
Pony ¾' Pro Pipe Clamp Fixture This widely popular clamp fixture is designed to be used on black ¾' pipes with the flexibility of creating any clamping length. Easy to assemble. ideal for metalworking, woodworking and a wide range of applications from industrial to do-it-yourself t..
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Brand: PONY Cat No: AC56
Pony ¾-Inch Pony deep-reach pipe clamp fixture Our deep-reach pipe clamp fixture features a reach of 2 1/2 inches. Reverse the heads to easily turn it into a spreader clamp. Ideal for use in tight quarters. Fits 3/4'-14 NPT Pipe. The Deep Reach Clamp Fixture for ¾' Black Pipe from..
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Ex Tax:R 543.05
Brand: PONY Cat No: AC52
Pony 1/2-Inch Pipe Clamp Fixture ½-Inch Pipe Clamp Fixture allows you to make bar clamps of any length with a ½-inch pipe (not included). No holes, notches, or rivets are required to assemble; just screw the head onto regular pipe threads. Enjoy the trusted strength, rel..
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Brand: TORK CRAFT Cat No: CL PCB34
Pipe clamp fixture Application: A pipe clamp is a must have clamp for any woodworker. It is extremely strong and easy to use compared to other sash clamps. This fixture will convert any Ø25mm OD steel pipe into a sash clamp. Standard sash clamps have a length restriction. The longest sa..
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Brand: PONY Cat No: AC50
Classic pipe clamp fixture for ¾-inch black pipe The iconic Pony ¾-inch pipe clamp has become America's most popular and widely used pipe clamp fixture design. Our original steel multiple-disc-clutch design allows a secure hold and instant adjustment at any point along the pipe..
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